This futuristic floating city will produce zero waste and house 7,000 residents

French architect Jacques Rougerie has designed a 3,000-foot-long, manta-ray-shaped vessel capable of hosting 7,000 people. The city of Mériens will be a floating university city for researchers and students.

This futuristic floating city could one day be the perfect home for those who love sweeping views of the sea.

Designed by French architect Jacques Rougerie, the vessel is shaped like a manta ray and could serve as inspiration for cruise ships or floating residences of the distant future.

With its radical design, the giant City of Meriens would be nearly 2,950ft long and 1,650ft wide, with a capacity of 7,000 occupants.

Mr Rougerie, who is celebrated for his imaginative designs for land, sea and space, envisions the vessel as a university city.

It would be home to 7,000 researchers, professors and students for long-term stays, with living quarters, classrooms, laboratories and areas for leisure and sport, The Creators Project reported.

City of Meriens would be completely sustainable and autonomous, with the ability to run on renewable energy and produce zero waste.

The inner lagoon would accommodate marine research vessels, including Mr Rougerie’s SeaOrbiter, an ocean skyscraper and floating lab which is currently under construction for an estimated $50million (£32million).

Mr Rougerie, who is well known for his imaginative designs for land, sea and space, envisions the vessel as a university city…He coined the term ‘meriens’, which he says is a French equivalent to the term ‘oceanite’.

Mr Rougerie told radio station France Inter that he sees himself as a ‘merien’ – someone who is at one with the sea.

‘I feel very, very good underwater. I feel different. Another type of imagination is awakened in me as soon as I am underwater,’ he told the radio station, as quoted by The Creators Project.

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Source: techinsider io, YOUTUBE

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