Princess Diana with Crocodiles

Visiting a Darwin crocodile farm in Australia. 3.2.88

0:00a difficult one for the Prince this sense as a conservationist
0:03he was about to to replace which not to put too fine a point on it
0:07is a handbag farm media
0:19from her house group it’s these 3-year-olds which according to the
0:25make the best handbags shoes and wallets even once more than of the most
0:30passable with creatures tickling on the tummy is safe in a
0:39anything more ventures could be dangerous to
0:43up fired
0:51the princess have one moment a fantasy
0:57she was told even the week old hatchlings could take your finger off
1:06feeding the big ones represents the time of maximum danger for the keepers
1:11they can never be sure that this is the day when the crock finally gets fed up
1:15with chicken
1:15and six a change of diet
1:20good wisely the princess was not offered a handbag controversy was avoided
1:26and she settled for two cuddly crops and Robert dreadful day glo
1:30but now it was time


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