18 Women/Men You Won’t Believe Actually Exist !

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0:00 back to burst presents eighteen people you won’t believe actually exist number
0:08 eighteen youngest mother in the world linda Medina is from Peru and born on
0:15 September 27 1933 she is the youngest mother in history having given birth at
0:23 age 55 years old and seven months
0:27 repair its thought she had a tumor in her stomach at the hospital he was
0:32 determined she was seven months pregnant
0:35 reproductive system was determined to be fully developed at age two and a half
0:40 her son Gerardo lived to be forty years old then passed away from a bone marrow
0:46 disease the father of the child was never identified number seventeen being
0:54 hands fifty year old drawing J some oxen mom has what could be the biggest fans
1:00 in the entire world she has a malformation called macro destroy
1:05 throughout life on the Tosa which is excessive heat issue she had surgeries
1:11 and amputation was recommended but she refused she came to terms with her
1:16 condition after looking after her parents number sixteen girl who married
1:23 a stray dog 18 year old among we moved up who comes from India married a stray
1:30 dog or family claimed she was cursed her village belief is that whoever she
1:36 married will absorb her curse and become cursed to she married the dog to pass
1:42 the curse on to the dog
1:45 number fifteen upside down 37 year old claudio Vieira da Madeira grew up having
1:52 his head bent all the way backwards which couldn’t be held upright his limbs
1:58 are also useless he suffers from a condition called congenital
2:01 arthrogryposis which means that a joint is in an extended or flexed position he
2:08 can’t use a wheelchair but manages to get around he studied accounting and
2:13 then bloody graduated became a public speaker number fourteen dedicated
2:20 without a limp twenty five-year-old cristal con tu leads an active lifestyle
2:26 a car accident claimed half her arm but she stays active she weight lifts
2:32 despite her handicap she wanted to compete and CrossFit before her injury
2:36 and despite her injury still trains for CrossFit she took the challenge of
2:42 losing the lamb and used it to become a better person and athlete number
2:48 thirteen baby Charlotte one of the smallest individuals in the world is
2:54 Charlotte Garside she suffers from primordial dwarfism a rare condition at
3:00 age five she stands at just 67 centimeters she isn’t the smallest in
3:06 history but is still called Baby charmant number 12 second time’s a charm
3:13 Allen shame on you
3:16 62 and send a mass on the line 9 married twice in as many years the wedding ended
3:23 with both of the spouses returning to their homes with their families
3:27 the boy and Wed again because he wanted to make the wedding official so they
3:31 would make their ancestors happy this was done because the families believed
3:36 it wasn’t they would have bad fortune
3:39 number eleven more the merrier 35 year old sisters Ganga and Yamuna have your
3:48 arms and legs and they have a man to they say he saved them from their lonely
3:54 existence approach an age isn’ta factor a thirty year old man prefers women aged
4:04 60 and up because he says they satisfy him more he even takes the women home to
4:10 his mother who accepts his lifestyle the women get to feel desirable and there’s
4:15 no need to worry about birth control number nine honey broad Sarah map le
4:23 covers herself in an oil which emits the scent of a queen bee this lures around
4:29 12,000 be used to cover her upper torso as she uses this as a form of meditation
4:35and calls herself the queen there are actually more practitioners doing this
4:41than just her number eight hear them roar Janice and David Haley raised
4:49Tigers in their backyard and have two tigers the Tigers have grown up with the
4:55couple and don’t react aggressively despite the fact that the Tigers are
4:59well looked after they are still a real risk to the couple and unfair to the
5:05cats should be in the wild
5:08number seven boy who’s now a girl named Tyler is a nine year old girl who was
5:15born a boy at age four tried to cut off his penis at this age sexual orientation
5:21wouldn’t come into play in the girl’s mind she felt the penis shouldn’t be
5:27there he left out of a moving vehicle when told he could
5:31wear a dress to a party his parents sought medical advice after this and he
5:36was diagnosed with identity disorder and the necessary changes were made to the
5:41boy could become a girl number six
5:46everything changes at age seven keaton was identified with gender identity
5:51disorder psychiatrist and therapists determined that he actually identified
5:57as she hormones when we are born tell us who we are so we can associate with male
6:04or female in some people these hormones are crossed and they identify with the
6:09other sex over 50 is habit this twenty four-year-old has a condition called
6:17persistent genital arousal disorder where she always feels aroused she
6:23claims to be able to have 10 orgasms in an hour by almost any means such as
6:28simple musical vibrations this might seem like something that would be fun
6:34but these people suffer a great deal may cause embarrassment and shame because
6:39they happen all the time so she can’t lead a normal life recently though she
6:44has sought treatment number for lifting heavy 18 year old devon Hill has a
6:53passion for weightlifting he eats 5,000 calories each day to maintain his
6:59physique he eats mainly protein and beats man twice his age his mother
7:05prepares his meals so he can carry them around with him he has 13 natural
7:10olympia titles he dedicates his entire life to weightlifting number-three man
7:17or God thirty five-year-old Shandra already and is from West Bengal and some
7:24call him god as he has a 37 centimeter tail he has a natural gift for climbing
7:31and some claims he’s the reincarnation of the Hindu monkey god Hanuman people
7:37travel for miles to see him and ask for His blessings
7:40where they feel he has healing powers over 200 CD printed fifty eight-year-old
7:49Keith Gordon has his arms torso head face and islands covered in tattoos he’s
7:57spent over 15,000 pounds for five years to get all the tattoos he did have them
8:04removed at one time but has gone back to tattoos he has OCD or
8:09obsessive-compulsive disorder and blames this for his addiction to tattoos number
8:16one women with no vagina at the age of 17 a routine doctor’s appointment turned
8:23into a shocking discovery as Jackie back was told that she did not have a vagina
8:28porn with Mr K age Jackie back at a rare syndrome that affected the development
8:35of the reproductive system resulting in no vaginal opening cervix or womb
8:41affecting roughly one in every five thousand women Mr KH is one of any
8:47 number of conditions that can result in missing or ambiguous genitalia in both
8:52 boys and girls generally considered intersects these individuals may have a
8:57 challenging time feeling complete their gender subscribe for more

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